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March Committee  Meeting Report - Main Points of Interest for Members Information.

The following area summary of  main points arising  from the committee meeting  that took place at Folke on  Wednesday 11 March.    A copy of the minutes will be posted on the Club Notice Board.  Team competitions have not yet commenced so there  was little to report from the team captains.

1 Secretary’s  Report

Diary Dates

 Revised diary dates are:

Hole-in-One reimbursement

A discussion was held regarding bar bill reimbursement for a hole-in-one. It was agreed that a bar bill up to £75 (as at present with the GolfGuard insurance) would be reimbursed by the club for any hole-in-one scored in a club competition. For a hole-in-one scored in a Club Match or a restricted competition (e.g. Seniors only) then half the bar bill up to a maximum of £37.50 would be reimbursed. There will be no reimbursement for a hole-in-one scored in a social round

Golf Insurance Arrangements

The GolfGuard insurance is not being renewed now that the EGU cover third party liability. Details of the changes will be posted on the Notice Board shortly.

Golf World Handicapping System

A revised international standard for golf handicapping is being introduced and committee members attended a recet seminar to get more information. This will be discussed at the next committee meeting and the details and any actions required will be identified to club members.

2  Membership

We currently have 66 paid up members (including 3 new members) with the possibility of a further 10 renewing. This is significantly down on last year’s 97 members. Apart from this there is no significant financial activity to report. There are currently only 5 names down for the weekend away but this is likely to increase by at least 3.  20 places have been provisionally booked.

3  New Club Shirts

The captains shirt ordered by Derek (HB475) was approved as the ‘thicker’ shirt. It was agreed not to have the Yellow Box logo on the shirt. The other option is the JC041 SuperCool Performance Polo which is  is a more lightweight shirt. An order sheet will be put on on the notice board requesting  name, size and type. The thicker style shirt is £18 and the lightweight shirt is £15. Payment must all be put in an envelope in the Treasurer’s box when the order is placed. It was agreed that a stock of shirts will not be kept as it only takes about 3 weeks from ordering to getting a shirt and these can be ordered individually at no increase in cost.

4  Competition Dates

The following dates were defined for 2020 events as follows:-

The proposed dates are subject to approval by the Centre and will be confirmed shortly.

5 Knockout Competitions

Winter knockouts are all complete. The draw for the three summer knockouts will take place at the next meeting.

6 Competition Rules

The competition rules have been updated and will be posted on the Notice Board and this web site when formally issued.

Next Meeting: The next  meeting  will be held at Folke at 7:30 pm on Wednesday 15 April.

Tony Smith

Vice   Captain

Steve Harris Fixtures Secretary

Andy Harris

Hardy  A Captain

Lee Smith

3CL Captain

Peter Gibson

Gen. Secretary & Senior Captain

Stuart Beardsley Treasurer

Derek Hinks

Club  Captain

& H/Cap Sec

Nigel Bow

 Hardy  B  Captain

General Committee


 Geoff Bannister, Terry Cotton, Kevin Down,  Kevin Allen, Roger Harvey, Mark Maguire, Ian Tinsley, Sheridon Hodges.

2020 Club Officials and News

Club Committee Report

This page shows the  Club Officials and provides information on the Committee activities for the benefit of the club members. For further information please contact any of the Club Officials.

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George Taylor

Senior Captain

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