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     December 12    - Club Committee Meeting Report - Main Points of Interest for Members Information.
The following are the main points arising  from the Committee Meeting  that took place at Folke on  Wednesday 12 December. A copy of the minutes is on the Club Notice Board

      Captain’s  Reports:

a) HARDY A CAPTAIN: Nothing to report - All matches completed. The committee unanimously supported continuing in the Hardy A league for 2019.

b) HARDY B CAPTAIN: Nothing to report - all matches completed

c) 3CL :   The team won the Knockout Cup round  against Yeovil at Wheathill on 1 Dec and will now play Wincanton in the final by end of February. The Freeman Trophy match is scheduled for 6 April at Cricket St Thomas.  

d) SENIORS CAPTAIN: Internal Club Matches have been underway -  Best 3 of 5  round 4 and various roll-ups

      Other Items

a) Club Funds: :To overcome the potential shortfall of funds work is underway to set up a sponsors draw to get local businesses to become sponsors of various club activities. Sponsors will be selected via a draw to be held in April 2019. Match fees and club membership fees will also be increased and the funding changes will be presented to the AGM in January. Mechanisms to encourage new members and improve communications between club members are being considered.

b) 2019 Weekend Away:   This will take place at Bowood Park, Cornwall on 20 - 22 September. The cost will be £180 and a £50 deposit is required to secure a place. The Entry Sheet is on the Notice board

c) Day Away: This will take place at Honiton Golf Course on Monday 1 July.  The cost will be £50 plus £10 for use of the coach.

d) Winter Knockouts:The competitions are ongoing. (See Special Events Page)

e) Club AGM: The AGM will take place in January and the Nominatrion Sheets for the 2019 Officials and committee members is now on the Notice Board. All club members are requested to attend this important meeting in the club calendar.

f) Revised Rules of Golf: A summary of the  new rules that come into force in 2019is on the notice board and the new rule books are available free of change in the club house.

g) December Medal: It is hoped that the December Medal that was cancelled due to weather, can be played on 23 Dec subject to Centre agreement.

Next Meeting: The next    Meeting will be  the AGM to be held after the monthly medal at Folke at 3:00 pm on Sunday 13 January.   All club members are requested  to attend

Committee Members: Matt Boon, Geoff Bannister, Norman McCabe,    Richard Robinson, Ben Miller,  Roger Harvey, Lee Smith

Terry Cotton

Club   Captain

Steve Harris Fixtures Secretary

Martin Blatchford

Hardy  A Captain

Kevin Allen

3CL Captain

Peter Gibson

Gen. Secretary

Stuart Beardsley Treasurer

Folke Golf Centre is the Home of Folke Golf Club. This page shows the  Club Officials and provides information on the Committee activities for the benefit of the club members. For further information please contact any of the Club Officials.

Mike Burt

Senior  Captain

Kevin Down

Club   Vice Captain

Simon Lloyd

 Hardy  B  Captain

Derek Hinks

Handicap  Secretary